The Academy

Founded in 2007, the bunnyAkademie has made it its mission to impart knowledge. Knowledge regarding the nutritional and physiological needs and the natural habitat with all its consequences for proper nutrition and husbandry.

The bunnyAkademie has succeeded in expanding professional competence and ensuring high professional quality with recognised speakers in various seminars/training courses for veterinarians and the specialised trade.

Already more than 1,500 managers, PoS staff and veterinarians have taken part in the seminars and training courses, and have been able to profit sustainably from the contents.

bunnyAkademie in Melle

Exclusively for you and other selected sales partners, Bunny Tierernährung GmbH offers a specialist seminar for retail employees (with a focus on animal nutrition and pet shops).

As a committed retail partner, you have the opportunity to build up an independent profile especially in the growing small mammal market and to create a competitive advantage in your catchment area as an expert in dwarf rabbits and rodents - the basis for sustainable sales development.

The coach: Kai-Helge Brandhorst
Plenty of space: the seminar room
The coach: Kai-Helge Brandhorst
The trainer
In close cooperation between Research and Development of Bunny Tierernährung GmbH and the behavioural scientist and freelance trainer Kai-Helge Brandhorst, an innovative seminar concept was developed.

Through practical exercises, group work and playful training units, the theoretical contents are opened up, but also self-confidence is strengthened and customer-oriented advice is trained. An entertaining social programme completes the participation.

The seminar is led by the graduate biologist Kai-Helge Brandhorst. He is a behavioural scientist with a focus on mammalian biology and trained as a coach and trainer.

Supplementary expert lectures, guided tours and practical exercises are held and conducted by our veterinarian Dr Birgit Zumbrock.

The seminars
highly motivated: Visitors to the academy
Often asked

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our seminars.

The town of Melle is located in southern Lower Saxony between the Teutoburg Forest and the Wiehen Mountains and lies in the triangle between Münster, Osnabrück and Bielefeld.
Melle is located directly on the A30 (west-east direction) and is an important connection from Hanover/Minden to Osnabrück, Münster and the Netherlands. Melle is also easy to reach by train or by plane to Hannover Airport or Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO). From Hanover airport you can continue by train, from FMO first by bus to Osnabrück and then by train to Melle. From Melle it is recommended to continue by taxi (e.g. Taxi Brockhoff, Tel. +49 5422-2222).
Bunny Tierernährung GmbH's training facility is the bunnyAkademy, which offers an optimal learning atmosphere with a modern seminar room and the associated bistro. At the same time, there is a tour of our sensory department where, for example, sex determination can be carried out on rabbits during an exercise. Our veterinarian will give presentations on her work in the sensory department and on the latest research findings.
Our products require intensive consultation. Therefore, our seminar is geared towards an expert advisor training.
The fees include all seminar materials as well as catering on both days (breakfast break, lunch, coffee break) and an attractive evening event.
The Bunny Academy has agreed special conditions with some hotels of different hotel categories. If you wish, we can send you a hotel list with the respective conditions, so that you can book a hotel yourself according to your choice. You can request a list of hotels from our Academy Service. Please compare the room costs directly at the hotel on the day of departure. We ask that you also contact the hotel personally about any cancellations.
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